January - Low Light Photography Challenge

If you're into photography and you're on instagram, you've probably seen (or participated in) one of the many photography projects or challenges out there. I'm the first to admit, I'm TERRIBLE at committing to photography projects. It's a combination of the time factor, the pressure, and going through phases where I kinda lose my mojo a little (it happens to the best of us). However, when a new type of challenge popped up this year, I knew it was going to suit me perfectly. It's called p52clicks, and it focuses on ONE technique each month for a year - which is perfect for a busy working mama like me.

January was all about low light. I do adore low light, I am a big fan of the moodiness it brings to images, and the way that all the things that aren't important kind of just fall away into the shadows. I love the contrast and all the deep blacks. When you've been taking photos since forever, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you know it all. But the truth is, there's ALWAYS something to be learned! I think the biggest thing I learned, is that low light does not mean NO light. Once I came to that realisation, I found myself looking at low light in a whole new way. I focused on overcast days, "blue hour" (after the sun has sunk behind the horizon), and directional indoor light. Below are a selection of my fave snaps from throughout the month. Click on an image to see it full size, and click through the gallery.

Today, I'm participating in a low light blog loop with some of my dear friends! Next up, the talented Claire: click HERE to read her low light post!